RBI9205C – Aircraft Workshop Cabinet with Imperial and Metric Tools


The high quality 8 drawer BAHCO tool cabinets are built to last.

Dimensions in mm (LxWxH): 677mm x 501mm x 950mm

Weight: 110kg

The kit includes 302 BACHO hand tools. The two different colours of the inlay indicate lost tools instantly, making tool control much faster, easier and safer.

Additional Cabinet Specification

  • Lock and Go! Latching system prevents drawers opening when moving the trolley
  • Long ball bearing slides with 100% opening drawersScratch resistant paint
  • Big capacity, heavy duty trolley
  • Double wall frame protects the slides and drawers from shocks/crashes
  • Reinforced areas to reduce stress in specific points of the trolley
  • Strong and secure round type key and central locking mechanism
  • Wheels of 125 x 50 mm with ball bearings and non-marking rubber surface (2 fixed and 2 swivel with brakes)
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Model Number RBI9205C
Number of Tools 302

2 Year Guarantee
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Tool changes and substitutions can happen without notice