Classic Slim Kits


The Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Slim Borescope enables machinists to see and fix internal burrs (Rejected Parts), check placement of internal features during setup, and internally observe machines and materials.

Shooters and gunsmiths use the 17 and 22 inch Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Slim Borescope Kit to ensure that bores are clean and not eroded.

All Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Slim borescopes have a 0° direction-of-view and 42° field-of-view. A rotating 90° direction-of-view is achieved by sliding a Slim Mirror Tube onto the scope.

All Luxxor and NOVA light sources can be used with any of the Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Precision Borescopes

A Slim Kit contains a 0° direction-of-view scope with a 90° Mirror Tube and a Mini-Maglite source all in a lockable hard carrying case. The SuperNova Kit adds the 10X brighter SuperNOVA Light.


Specification Sheet

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