Classic Flexible


The Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Flexible borescopes contain a 1 meter long glass-fibre imaging bundle with 18,000 fibres delivering high-resolution images. Acid leaching of the bundle increases image contrast by creating space between the fibres to prevent light from spilling from one to the other. The plastic-coated, metal “gooseneck” sheath can take a “set” before insertion into a cavity. The Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Flexible borescope is simpler, brighter, and less expensive than articulated fiberscopes.

The 90° Mirror Tip adapts to the Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Flexible borescope to convert the direction-of-view from 0° to 90°. The mirror adapter threads on and therefore is quite secure. Outside diameter with 90° Mirror Tip in place is 0.320″.

The Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Flexible Kit contains a Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Flexible fiberscope, with 0° direction-of-view, a 90° Mirror Tip, a Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Nova Light with Xenon lamp, a NiCd battery and charger and a rugged, lockable, aluminum case.


Specification Sheet

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