Aircraft Tugs

Aircraft TugsExperts in Aviation Tugs Since 1998

Priceless Aviation was founded by Elvin Price, who was an avid Pilot. Elvin was unhappy with the performance of current aircraft tugs on the market. In 1998, he set about designing an aviation tug capable of maneuvering an aircraft within a confined space. The end result was the Lazy Susan® turntable. This allows an aircraft to turn within its own wingspan without the risk of damaging the landing gear. With this in mind, he developed a range of over 12 aircraft tugs with an assortment of attachments suitable for nearly every aircraft under 35,000 lbs.

Priceless Tugs® have gained recognition from the military and civil markets, highlighting the quality, value and importance of the aircraft tugs that we provide.

Our range of airplane tugs includes electric tugs, gas powered tugs and mover types. We are extremely proud of the fact that they all use green technology, as well as being environmentally friendly, minimal volume products.


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