Lithium Start Power Units 14V/28V DC

The Red Box range of Lithium start power units are the lightest solutions available. These GPU’s have comparable performance to their lead acid equivalents but weigh as little as 15.8lbs and have maximum outputs of up to 8000 amps. Our GPU units can be paired up to further increase their capacity.

At Priceless Aviation, we understand that every requirement is different, so please contact our friendly sales team. We have the experience to propose the most suitable unit from our range.

Please feel free to contact our friendly team today on +1 (770) 962-6188.

Alternatively, please email us at regarding your lithium ground power unit queries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lithium Start Power Unit Specifications:

Totally Weather Protected
Air Transportable, ” Nonhazardous”
Maintenance Free
Tough and Compact
No Memory Effect
Works in Any Orientation
High Charge Retention
Long Shelflife
Fast Recharge
No Cycling
Leak Proof
Sells Replaceable On Condition
Heavy Duty Engine Starting
Lightweight, Portable Start Power at Remote Locations

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