Lithium Start Power Units 14V/28V DC

RBL2500 Lithium Start Power UnitLeading the Way in Start Units

The Red Box range of lithium start power units are the lightest solutions available. These GPU’s have comparable performance to their lead acid equivalents but weigh as little as 15.8lbs and have maximum outputs of up to 8000 amps. Our GPU units can be paired up to further increase their capacity.

We understand the importance of selecting the right lithium start power unit for your aircraft, as well as your day-to-day requirements. For example, if you only require the start unit for emergency use then you are likely to need a different unit compared to someone who plans to use it numerous times per day.

All of our lithium start units have been designed to start small to large aircraft and benefit from being totally weather protected, maintenance free, leak proof, lightweight, portable, and much more!

We don’t just specialize in lithium start power units. Please click here to view our great choose of switchable, acid start units.

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