Hybrid Start and Continuous Power 28V DC

Our ‘HybRed’ GPU combines an engine with a bank of batteries to offer a compact and economical unit. The unit size and weight is unmatched, making it the best choice for BizJet owners and operators. It offers starting and continuous power when a normal hanger environment is unavailable, and it ensures aircraft on the flight line can be serviced.

For a cleaner option we supply the battery powered range of starting and continuous power units.


Product Specification

High capacity heavy-duty engine starting of, aircraft
Lightweight portable start and Continuous power at remote locations
Starts Combat and Military vehicles
Lightweight continuous DC power for Maintenance Training and Weapons Testing
Tough and compact
Maintenance free cells
No memory effect
High charge retention cells
Long shelf life
Fast recharge
No cycling
Leak proof cells
Cells replaceable on condition


Over Voltage.
Thermal Management.

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