Continuous Power 10V – 30V DC

The RBSC and RBPS range are specifically built by Priceless Aviation to provide the most stable DC power. Our products range from 25-600A units, with higher powers available on request. As standard, our units are voltage selectable, set at either 14V or 28V, but this be can adjusted on request.

Nearly every unit in this range requires mains power, excluding our TC400/28 unit which is a battery powered continuous power unit supplying continuous power for a limited-time only. We fit an amber light to indicate low voltage on the unit. As long as the battery voltage is monitored, this unit can also be used to perform engine starts.

Continuous Power Product Specifications:

Direct connection to aircraft or land vehicle.
Rugged steel case.
Fan cooled.
User switchable between 14V and 28V.


Over Voltage.
Over Current.
Short Circuit.
EN60950-1: 2006
Emission – EN55022-B

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