Combination Start and Continuous Units, Up to 600A continuous and 7000A peak

Our TC3000A range simply combines our battery engine start units with our continuous power supplies into a single unit. When connected to an electrical supply our units can supply up to 600A (model dependent). WHen unplugged, the bank of batteries will supply up to 6000A peak (model dependent).

Our model numbers are designed to indicate each units power. For example, A TC3000/225-4 shows you will receive a 225A power supply combined with a 4 battery cells. The specification sheets will detail each units performance.

Our sales team are happy to help you choose the correct combination start and continuous power unit for your application, so please feel free to contact us on +1 (770) 962-6188 or, alternatively, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Combination Start and Continuous Power Features:

High capacity heavy-duty engine starting.
Portable start power at remote locations.
Lightweight continuous DC power for Maintenance Training and Weapons Testing.
Tough and compact.
Maintenance free cells.
No memory effect.
High charge retention cells.
Long shelf life.
Fast recharge.
No cycling.
Leak proof cells.
Cells replaceable on condition.

Safety & EMC (Power Modules)

EN 60950.
IEC 335-2-29.
Emission – EN 50081-1 EN 55014.
Immunity – EN 50082-2 EN 55104.

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