What is a Pushback?

PushbackIn the world of aviation, the term ‘Pushback‘ relates to an airport procedure where an aircraft is pushed backwards away from the gate by external power. Usually, the procedure is carried out by pushback tractors or tugs, and we offer a wide range of the latter on the Priceless Aviation website.

So, why are tractors or tugs used during the Pushback procedure, especially when many aircraft have the capability to move themselves backwards? Well, the reason is down to reducing the chances of any damage being caused to terminal building or equipment. When an aircraft uses its reverse thrust capability (known as a powerback), the jet blast or prop wash could end up causing unnecessary damage, whereas no such risks apply when moving the aircraft via the Pushback method, which is why it is generally the preferred choice.

When selecting an aircraft tug though, it is important to remember that you will need to choose a tug that meets the requirements of your aircraft. If the tug will be used during the procedure, it is important that it provides the operator with perfect visibility of the attaching mechanism between the airplane and tug.

The range of Pushback tugs available in the Priceless Aviation range are ideal for moving small to medium sized aircraft. However, please note that for airport towing, towbarless tugs are required.

Please contact Priceless Aviation if you have any questions regarding the range of aircraft tugs that we provide and we will be happy to help.

Check out the video below to see an British Airways Airbus A320 G-MEDK pushback and engine start at London Gatwick.