How to Make Shadow Boards

The benefits of shadow boards and shadow foam are huge. Not only do they help you to categorize and look after your tools, they also highlight if you are missing any, which is a great help to all of us. Whereas shadow foam is used for tool boxes and mobile tool kits, shadow boards are ideal for workshops. In fact, the benefits are not purely for tools, as shadow boards can be used to storage and manage a wide range of items.

What Exactly is a Shadow Board?

Shadow Boarding sees your tools and equipment sitting in foam and then hung on a wall to achieve an organised workplace, resulting in your tools and other equipment being efficiently stored in appropriate areas close to the desired working area.

A user may have multiple shadow boards in their workshop, with each board containing a different set of tools depending on the jobs required within each area of their work space. This greatly cuts down on the amount of time it takes to pick out tools from a shadow board from further away, meaning that each job is completed more quickly and efficiently.

What are the Benefits of Shadow Boarding?

  • Quickly highlights any missing tools
  • Improves workplace organisation
  • Can be fully colour coded
  • Fully customisable to your requirements
  • Not just limited to tools

So, how are shadow boards made? Well, firstly the foam is cut with a CNC Router. The tools are then scanned with an electric pen and board before they are cut accurately into the foam layer.

All of the aviation tool boxes available at Priceless Aviation come complete with shadow foam, whilst bespoke tool kits can also be created to include spare foam too.