6 Interesting Facts About Aviation

As we all know, aviation plays a massive part in our daily lives but how often do you actually sit back and think about the subjeFacts about Aviationct? Not too often, I bet.

To make things a bit easier for you, we’ve put together a list of 6 interesting facts about aviation for you to get your teeth stuck into. Let’s see how many you already know!

  1. Fear of Flying – According to research, in the US alone, 17% of the population admit that they are afraid to fly. The reason? Some are afraid of crashing, whilst others simply don’t cope well when they are enclosed in a space with no way to escape.
  2. The World’s Busiest Commercial Airport – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (Georgia, US) is, according to data, the busiest airport in the entire world, with more than 107.4 million passengers taking off in a single year. Not too far behind is the Beijing Capital International Airport (China), which receives an estimated 101 million passengers per year, whilst the busiest airport in Europe is London’s Heathrow Airport (United Kingdom) (80.1 million passengers).
  3. Just 5% of the World’s Population Have Been on an Airplane – Sad but true. Despite the rise of the aviation industry, statistics show that only 5% of the world’s population has flown on an airplane. Of course, many of those who haven’t live in underdeveloped areas of the world and, in truth, they may never experience the thrill of flying in an airplane.
  4. Most Expensive Airplane in the World – Once the revamp has been completed on Air Force One, as requested by President Trump, it is set to become the most expensive aircraft in the entire world costing $3.9 billion! We’ll let you decide whether the upgrade was needed….
  5. Pilots Eat a Different Meal – It turns out that pilots don’t fancy eating the same in-flight meal that those in economy class enjoy. Instead, it is a rule that pilots are fed the same meal given to those in first and business class. However, this is where things get interesting, as co-pilots are requested to eat different entrees to avoid any risk of food poisoning. After all, some needs to be available for flying the plane!
  6. Dinner Time – Singapore Airlines spends an incredible $700 million on food every single year, with an estimated $16 million going towards the wine bill. Well, we have to drink don’t we?!

The world of aviation is wonderful and – as shown above – very interesting!

If you have any interesting facts about aviation, please let us know via our social media channels. We would love to hear from you!

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