About Us

Priceless Aviation Products proudly manufactures and distributes high quality ground support equipment, including Aircraft Tugs – which includes our electric tugs and gas powered tugs – Aviation tool kits, Aircraft GPU, and much more. Beginning in 1998, Priceless redeveloped the Aircraft Tug to provide the end user a more comfortable and manoeuvrable experience. This was spurred as a result of the lack of this understanding present in the tugs available in the market when then Pilot and Chairman, Elvin Price, was shopping for a tug for his own aircraft. At that point the first Priceless tug was born. Priceless philosophy is to produce the highest quality products on the market, achieving this with constant research, development and testing.

In 2010 Priceless teamed up with Red Box International, this partnership was formed to bring an extensive line of high quality Ground Power Units and Tool solution systems to the Americas. The entire product line is built here in the United States in a 216,000 sq. ft. green facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Priceless Tugs®, Aviation Tools, and  GPU products have received recognition from both the military and civil markets, and Priceless is frequently chosen by the military and its affiliated equipment partners to create custom power solutions.

With Customer service at the forefront of Priceless values you can always rely on great service and after sales support with any purchase.