Pro Hardy and Pro SuperHardy Kits


Pro Hardy  0.250″
The Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Pro Hardy precision borescope is rugged and bright. The quarter-inch diameter Hardy gives twice the illumination brightness of the Pro Slim.

NEW Pro SuperHardy   0.283″
The slightly larger diameter Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Pro SuperHardy precision borescope has an image that is almost 2.5x larger and 1.5x brighter than a standard Pro Hardy.

Both the Pro Hardy and Pro SuperHardy borescopes excel at looking into the larger, dark spaces of diesel and aircraft cylinders, tanks, pressure vessels, pipes and even the wall cavities of buildings.

Every Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Pro Hardy & SuperHardy kit contains:

  • Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Pro Precision Borescope
  • Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Mirror Tube
  • Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Shipping Sheath
  • Priceless Aviation Hawkeye SuperNOVA Light and Charger
  • Rugged Aluminum Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Pro Carrying Case
  • Priceless Aviation Hawkeye Cleaning Kit

Specification Sheet

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