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Priceless Aviation Products

Priceless Aviation Products proudly manufactures and distributes high quality Aircraft Tugs and Ground Power Equipment. Beginning in 1998, Priceless redeveloped the Aircraft Tug to provide the end user a more comfortable and maneuverable experience. This was spurred as a result of the lack of this understanding present in the tugs available in the market when then Pilot and Chairman, Elvin Price, was shopping for a tug for his own aircraft. At that point the first Priceless tug was born. Priceless philosophy is to produce the highest quality products on the market, achieving this with constant research, development and testing.

In recent years Priceless teamed up with Red Box International, this partnership was formed to bring an extensive line of high quality Ground Power Units to the Americas. The entire product line is built here in the United States in a 216,000 sq. ft. green facility in Lawrenceville, Georgia.

Priceless aircraft tugs and GPU products have received recognition from both the military and civil markets, and Priceless is frequently chosen by the military and its affiliated equipment partners to create custom power solutions.

With Customer service at the forefront of Priceless values you can always rely on great service and after sales support with any purchase.

Aircraft Tugs / Aircraft Moving Equipment

Designed by people who understand the importance of being able to guide an aircraft around a hanger and airfield with absolute precision. The Lazy Susan allows any aircraft to turn within its own wingspan without fear of damage to the nose gear. The product line has since grown to include over 12 different models with a variety of attachments to fit almost any plane up to 35,000 lbs.

Ground Power Units

An increasing number of organizations are choosing solid state solutions to their GPU requirements. Specialists in the manufacture of solid state ground power units, Priceless are able to provide these organizations with the green and practically noiseless solution they are looking for. The unit saves on servicing costs and product development is enhanced by ongoing investment. Priceless' range of ground power equipment consists of battery start units, continuous dc power supplies, combination battery start and continuous power units, transformer rectifier units and frequency convertors.

Tool Control

Priceless offer a large range of Aviation Hand tools, Tool control boxes and Tool control cabinets. These kits incorporate the highest quality Bahco hand tools, making them the ideal product for aviation maintenance personnel.

Portable Coolers

Priceless represent the Cool-Space range of portable coolers. These single phase coolers can cool air by up to 28 degrees C and can even be used in remote locations.


manufactured in the United Kingdom and United States

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